• Each film must be accompanied by online registration. Films that have not been digitally registered will not be accepted.
  • After the Call date, materials will not be accepted until the next edition.
  • Copies in DVCam, HDV, DSP, digital dolby, magnetic sound, stereo DTS or SDDS format are not accepted, as there is no equipment in Gibara for its reproduction in theaters.
  • Shipping costs must be covered by the sender. None of the materials received by the Festival will be returned, even those that are not selected.
  • Once the decision of the selection committee is communicated, the work can not be withdrawn from the Festival.
  • The Festival undertakes not to make more than five (5) screenings of the film, including press screening, in accordance with international regulations.
  • In the event that the Festival intends to make additional screenings in order to disseminate the films beyond the limits of the Republic of Cuba, it will require written authorization from the producer or his representative, according to the pre-established provision of Addendum 3 of the international regulations.
  • The jury’s decision is final.
  • The winning materials must be specified in your palmares.
  • Clarify on postal items that it is material for cultural purposes only.

The materials must be sent to:

Office of the International Film Festival of Gibara

Address: Street 23 No. 1155, ICAIC Building, 6th Floor, FICGibara Office, Revolution Square, Havana. PC 10400, Cuba.

For inquiries write to: [email protected]